New Mexico Magazine Spotlights Justice Bars!

In the print version of the October 2009 issue, you will find Justice Bars in their Unique Boutique Section! Thanks New Mexico Magazine!

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NRC ups review of new in situ uranium mines

Associated Press - “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will require more detailed environmental studies of proposed new in-situ uranium mines in the western United States.”

...one has to take wait and see attitude because you’re dealing with an agency that has a very bad history in terms of handling these kinds of matters.” Jonathan Block, Law Center Staff Attorney.

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Navajo Celebrates HRI Ruling

Gallup Independent - “Eric Jantz of New Mexico Environmental Law Center, which represented Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining, or ENDAUM, said the decision is important ‘not only for our client, but for Indian tribes as a whole.’”

“I think that the court’s decision was pretty common sensical. If that corner section of land isn’t Indian Country, I can’t imagine what would be,” Jantz said. “You’re looking at a place that’s within a community within boundaries of a chapter that’s 97 percent Navajo. It’s very clear that the subsistence economy and the culture in the area is Navajo. To say there is anything other than a Navajo community is absurd.”

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EPA’s proposal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions could spur new innovations

KUNM Speaks to Bruce Frederick, Law Center Staff Attorney, and Jim Norton, Director of New Mexico’s Environmental Protection Division regarding EPA’s proposal last week to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

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Court Rules Mine on Indian Country land

Gallup Independent: “WINDOW ROCK — The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver has upheld a 2007 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of the Interior decision that Hydro Resources Inc.’s Churchrock Section 8 mine site is located in ‘Indian Country.’”

“This is a huge victory, and if upheld on further appeal, will set precedent for regulating non-Indian activities on non-Indian lands inside dependent Indian communities,” Chris Shuey of SRIC said.

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Groups Push Today in SF for Tighter Mining Regs to Protect NM Water

Public News Service speaks to Law Center’s Eric Jantz about today’s hearing in Santa Fe.

“Making sure that sour economic times now and in the future don’t leave a bad taste in New Mexico’s water. That’s what local environmental groups are doing as they review and comment on proposed new regulations for mining exploration in the state. The state Mining Commission holds a public hearing today on proposed changes intended to strengthen rules to protect groundwater from mining contamination.” Read Full Article

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News Article “Raising the Bar”

Rob DeWalt of the Santa Fe New Mexican gives Justice Bars the cover story in today’s Taste Section!

"If we were going to do this, the final product had to reflect the sense of community and environmental stewardship that the law center has promoted and protected for more than two decades." Sebia Hawkins, Director of Development. Read the Full Article

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“Watchdogs Sound the Alarm on the ‘Nuclear Stimulus’”

“Eric Jantz, staff attorney with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, says a provision that could guarantee up to $50 billion in loans for construction of new nuclear power plants has worked its way into the Senate version of the federal economic recovery package. He worries that could lead to a resurgence of the uranium mining and milling industry that has had such a checkered history in New Mexico.”
Public News Service

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Law Center Talks to KSFR on Current and Upcoming Legislative Issues

Executive Director Douglas Meiklejohn and Staff Attorney Eric Jantz are interviewed by the Santa Fe Radio Cafe covering legislative topics with which the Law Center will be involved. Listen to the Interview

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NM Advocates Seek Stronger Caps on Greenhouse Emissions

“KUNM’s Jim Williams reports from Santa Fe, one prominent environmental advocate who sat on the governor’s panel is now pushing a more ambitious proposal of his own.” Listen to interview with John Fogarty of New Energy Economy and staff attorney Bruce Frederick.

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Bar Exam

Charlotte Jusinski of the Santa Fe Reporter gives the Justice Bar a shout out on the SFReeper.com blog.

Thanks Charlotte!

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Environmental Attorney Says New Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance is Good for Santa Fe County

Dec 8, 2008  - KUNM’s Jim Williams spoke to Law Center attorney Eric Jantz about the ordinance. Santa Fe County Commissioners will vote Tuesday on a new ordinance guiding how future oil and gas drilling will take place in the county. The changes are part of a response to a plan to drill on tens of thousands of acres in the Galisteo Basin.

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Cost Analysis of Uranium Mining Sparks Debate.

Nov 15, 2008 - by Eric Jantz - Mike Bowen’s Nov. 7 commentary, “Uranium mining study is based on wrong data,” is inaccurate and misleading in three important ways.

First, the Arrowhead report that Mr. Bowen touts as nonbiased is actually based on assumptions provided by the Uranium Producers of New Mexico. The authors of that study have publicly conceded that they did not question the assumptions they were given.

Click here to get the Complete Uranium Mining Economic Report by Dr. Thomas Power.

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