ROUND 2: Santolina Hearing

Despite its failure to meet critical requirements, the massive Santolina juggernaut continues to roll over county approval processes. In January, the Bernalillo County Planning Commission gave its recommendation to approve the B.1 Level Master Plan from the developer.

The Law Center already has lodged its appeal of the Planning Commission’s recommendation with the Bernalillo County Commission, which will be the next body to consider the Level B plans.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14 at 3 PM to hear both NMELC’s appeal and the developer’s Level B.1 Master Plan. Get meeting details. Visit Santolina case page.

In the appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision, Law Center Staff Attorney Jaimie Park protested Santolina’s failure to satisfy the “smart growth” rules adopted by the Bernalillo County Commission for planned communities. At the heart of the appeal is the failure of the developers to prove that the development (or the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority) has the necessary water rights or “wet” water for the 90,000 person development.

Law Center clients, New Mexico Health Equity Working Group, Pajarito Village Association, South Valley Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, SouthWest Organizing Project and several individuals, have asked the County Commission to defer the hearing until the state District Court rules on the Commission’s Level A approvals and Santolina submits all the required documents required under the Level A Master Plan process.

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