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Law Center Staff Attorney Jaimie Park and Executive Director Douglas Meiklejohn continue to challenge Bernalillo County’s efforts to approve the 90,000 person Santolina development, which is proposed for Albuquerque’s west side.

Fresh off defeating a third attempt by the developer to knock our appeal of Santolina’s “Level A” approvals out of state District Court, Staff Attorney Jaimie Park challenged a preliminary recommendation for the “Level B” approvals in mid-January.

You can read our appeal along with background information on the Santolina case page.

Santolina Level B Map

Bernalillo County continues on its march to approve the ill-advised Santolina development, where developers promise homes for 90,000 people and more than 100,000 jobs on the western bluffs overlooking Albuquerque.

Look closely, though, and there are gaping holes in Santolina’s story. Developers have failed to show that they can provide water, schools, transportation, etc. and that they can do it at “no net expense” to Bernalillo County/Albuquerque taxpayers.  Still, the Bernalillo County Commission (BCC) recently approved hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies for the project, and the Bernalillo County Planning Commission (CPC) recommended that the BCC adopt the “Level B” approvals for the project.

In January, Staff Attorney Jaimie Park filed our clients’ appeal of the recommendation to the BCC – we anticipate a hearing will begin on March 15th. Two major points in our appeal:

  1. Santolina still has not proven that it has water rights and “wet” water (BCC ignored this for the first round of approvals, and now CPC has given the development a pass for its segment of the Level B consideration process); and

  2. the County Commissioners cannot consider the Level B approvals at this time, because the future of the Level A approvals is still pending in state district court.

Thanks to our members for investing in this important case!


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