NMELC, Current Cases.

Surface and Groundwater Quality Protection Regulation Amendments

Location: Statewide

Opposing Parties: New Mexico Environment Department

Initiation Date: July 2016

Status: On-going

Clients/Partners: Amigos Bravos, Gila Resources Information Project

Attorneys: Jaimie Park


Comment on problems inherent in NMED’s proposed amendments to State Surface Water and Ground Water Quality Protection regulations, including reduction in opportunities for public participation. All the filings on this matter can be found here on the New Mexico Environment Department website.

Latest News:

09/11/2017 - Amigos Bravos and GRIP Notice of Intent to present technical testimony and Pre-Filed written testimony by Kathy J. Martin, PE.

09/11/2017 - NMED’s notice of intent to present technical testimony on their experts’ written direct testimony. [very large file]

08/08/2017 - Filed Errata and Corrected Proposed Changes

08/07/2017 - NMED’s Corrected Amended Petition

Case Files:

09/11/2017 - NMELC files Notice of Intent to present technical testimony at the hearing scheduled for November 14th, 2017.