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Sunport Proposed Highway Expansion

Location: South Valley of Albuquerque

Opposing Parties: Bernalillo County

Initiation Date: September 2015

Status: On-going

Clients/Partners: SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP) and individuals

Attorneys: Jon Block


NMELC is representing SWOP and two individuals in opposition to the the proposed highway expansion. Clients live in the San Jose community and would receive the greatest potential adverse impacts of the project. The project will run from the Sunport exit off I-25 west to the Bosque and Rio Grande.

At Stake:

As San Jose is an environmental justice community, it already bears an enormous burden due to industrial pollution from the areas adjacent to the community and within it which have polluting heavy industries and include two major superfund sites and a large closed landfill area. As the superfund sites and landfill areas will be affected by the proposed highway, there are also potential impacts due to exposure and interactions with hazardous materials.

Latest News:

9/21/2015 - NMELC filed comments on the revised Environmental Assessment [“EA”].

Case Files:

09/21/2015 - Filed Comments on Sunport REA