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New Mexico Oil and Gas Hydraulic Fracturing (“Fracking”) Disclosure Regulation

Location: Statewide

Opposing Parties:

Initiation Date: November 2011

Status: CLOSED: The Oil Conservation Commission adopted industry proposed regulations with only minor changes.

Clients/Partners: Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project (OGAP)

Attorneys: Douglas Meiklejohn


NMELC will advocate that environmental and landowner protections be included in oil and gas industry-sponsored regulations for disclosure of fracking fluids.  The proposed regulations require drilling companies to report some of their fracking fluids within 45 days after they inject the chemicals underground to facilitate natural gas extraction.

Latest News:

The Oil Conservation Commission, with a majority of commissioners appointed by Governor Susana Martinez, adopted the industry-sponsored regulations in December 2011.  After hearing testimony from OGAP, they made one change: in addition to posting their non-proprietary chemicals to fracfocus.com, drilling companies will have to file their disclosure reports with the Oil Conservation Division.  This will give residents who do not have internet access the ability to see reports at Division field offices.

These regulations are weaker than disclosure regulations recently adopted in Colorado, Texas and Wyoming.