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LANL Discharge Permit 1793 Public Hearing

Location: Los Alamos

Opposing Parties: Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico Environment Department, US Department of Energy

Initiation Date: August 2015

Status: On-going

Clients/Partners: CCNS, Citizens for Clean Water

Attorneys: Jaimie Park


Challenge decision by NMED to deny a public hearing during its consideration of DP-1793, which includes open spraying of wastewater (with constituents above standards) at LANL.

Latest News:

08/15/2016 - NMELC files Reply Briefs to LANS and WQCC Answer Briefs

06/10/2016 - NMELC files Brief in Chief in the NM Court of Appeals

02/03/2016 - NMELC files docketing statement in NM Court of Appeals

Case Files:

08/15/2016 - Filed CCNS Reply to LANS Answer Brief and Reply to WQCC Answer Brief

06/10/2016 - Brief in Chief

02/03/2016 - Docketing Statement