NM Supreme Court rules state may continue work on greenhouse gas emissions cap

“ ‘It’s great news,’ NEE and New Mexico Environmental Law Center lead attorney Bruce Frederick told The Independent. ‘It was nice to hear we still live in America. PNM and the oil companies tried to subvert the democratic process by getting a judge to violate the separation of powers doctrine and prevent the state from even considering a regulation. I think the issues were quite obvious, frankly.’ ” The New Mexico Independent

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NM High Court to Hear Arguments in Emissions Case

“The [New Mexico] Environmental Law Center and New Energy Economy argue that the state Legislature created the board and authorized it to hold public hearings for the purpose of considering air pollution regulation and public welfare protection.”  Associated Press

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Background: Groups Challenge Big Industry’s “Home Court” Decision in Supreme Court

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NM High Court to Hear Arguments in Emissions Case

“The state Environmental Improvement Board and the New Mexico Environmental Law Center are asking the justices to order a district court judge in Lovington to reverse an earlier decision that halted the effort.” NewsWest9.com

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Background: Groups Challenge Big Industry’s “Home Court” Decision in Supreme Court

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From a Tiny Town, A Cautionary Tale for Environmental Advocates

“Douglas Meiklejohn…has ‘very serious concerns about the impact of this verdict.’ He said that ‘against somebody like Arturo Uribe with limited economic means,’ the $75,000 in punitive damages ‘sends quite a clear message to people in similar circumstances that if you speak out, you may very well get punished for it, and severely punished.’ ” Next American City

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‘Water grab’ protesters unite

“Fredrick said at the time that he hoped to get the case thrown out on legal grounds. He said Augustin Plains Ranch doesn’t own the rights to the water it plans to pump, so the application is frivolous. ‘Basically they’re staking a claim, and you can’t do that under western water law,’ he said. ‘So, in my opinion, it’s defective on its face. We’re going to try to nip it in the bud on legal grounds before it gets to experts.’ ” El Defensor Chieftain

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Learn more about the San Augustin Plains Ranch water rights application case.

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Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments Monday, June 7th @ 1:30 PM

On Monday, we will witness an historic hearing before the New Mexico Supreme Court.  The Law Center’s own Bruce Frederick will ask the justices to order a Lovington judge to stop interfering in the Environmental Improvement Board’s right to hear our climate change petition. But this case is now far more than a greenhouse gas case: the Lovington decision – if not thrown out – will not only kill our petition, but threatens the State’s process for considering all regulations (environmental and non-environmental) at the State level.

The hearing will be at 1:30 pm on Monday, June 7th at the Supreme Court in Santa Fe. If you wish to attend, arrive early – we anticipate that the arguments will take place before a packed room. 

If you can’t attend, you can check our website on the afternoon of the 7th to learn the outcome, or sign up for our Twitter feed.

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