Supreme Court Orders Response in Greenhouse Gas Caps Case

New Mexico Supreme Court has ordered Judge Shoobridge and Plaintiffs to file a response in the greenhouse gas caps case.

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Group Takes Emissions Battle to NM Supreme Court

“The New Mexico Environmental Law Center has filed a petition with the court, asking it to order a state judge in Lovington to reverse an earlier decision [on proposed greenhouse gas cap regulations].” Forbes

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PRESS RELEASE: Groups Challenge Big Industry’s “Home Court” Decision in Supreme Court

SANTA FE, N.M.— The New Mexico Environmental Law Center filed a Petition with the New Mexico Supreme Court on Friday, asking the Court to order a Lea County judge to reverse his decision in a greenhouse gas case.  In April, Judge William G. W. Shoobridge of Lovington, NM, stopped a greenhouse gas emissions rulemaking by the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB).  If allowed to stand, Judge Shoobridge’s rulings would not only end our climate change case, but would cripple administrative agencies in their ability to carry out their appointed responsibilities.

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Learn more about the New Mexico Greenhouse Gas Emission Caps case.

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Proposed Mt. Taylor Uranium Mine Faces New Obstacle

“Since General Atomics acquired the Cotter Corporation in 2000, the company has had over a hundred violations of federal and state environmental laws,” Jantz told The Independent. “This demonstrates a pattern of willful disregard for environmental law, which is a real concern for the community.” The New Mexico Independent

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Local Farming Community Vows to Watch Mining Exploration Like a Hawk

SANTA FE, N.M – On April 26th, the NM Mining and Minerals Division (MMD) granted BE Resources Inc., a permit to drill exploration holes on the Sullivan Ranch–just upstream from a community of organic farmers, native peoples and rural families. The Monticello Community Ditch Association has been trying to stop the proposed beryllium project since 2000 and, although disappointed with the MMD’s decision, are in no way deterred in their opposition.

“Issuing this permit does not end the matter for the Monticello Community Ditch Association, concerned citizens from Monticello and downstream communities,” stated Joshua Cravens, Secretary of the Association. “We will all still be here, and our stance as stewards who protect this land and water will not end. After all, this canyon is our lifeblood.”

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The Law Center filed a Petition for Panel or En Banc Rehearing for our clients to the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on April 22nd. As you may recall, last month a 3-judge panel ruled against our appeal of a uranium mining license issued to Hydro Resources by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  The Petition requests that all eleven active judges of the appellate court review our case.

One of our primary contentions in this case is that the Church Rock Section 17 proposed mine site is already heavily contaminated with radioactive waste from Cold War-era mining; this waste leaks enough radiation into the air that the area’s air quality already exceeds federal health and safety standards for radioactivity.  Our Petition asks for an en banc review of the panel’s ruling that Hydro Resources is not required to include this existing radiation levels in its calculations for how much radiation its operations will produce.  Under the panel’s ruling, the mining company will not have to clean up the site before it begins mining - and local residents will have to breathe radioactive air that has been contaminated twice-over.

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