1st Opportunity to Challenge NRC’s Generic Enviro Impact Statement (GEIS) Filed

The Law Center filed comments yesterday on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (SEIS) that were issued by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on three proposed in situ leach uranium mining projects in Wyoming. These comments are intended to address shortcomings in both the SEIS and the GEIS, and therefore challenge the validity of using a “generic” impact statement.

Lost Creek SEIS comments, and case page.
Moore Ranch SEIS comments, and case page.
Nichols Ranch SEIS comments, and case page.

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New Mexico group reins in emissions cap proposal

“These recommended changes are going to show industry that this is not going to cost a lot, it’s not going to raise consumer prices significantly at all and there will be regulatory flexibility,” Bruce Frederick, staff attorney. Associated Press

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NMELC Files NOI to Present Technical Testimony in Greenhouse Gas Caps Case

The Law Center filed a Notice of Intent to Present Technical Testimony yesterday afternoon for our clients New Energy Economy. The Notice contains a concrete, realistic and cost-effective proposal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the electric, oil and gas sectors - which contribute 65% of greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

PDF of NOI of Intent to Present Technical Testimony
PDF of Proposal

Find out more about the Greenhouse Gas Emission Caps case.

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Settlement Filed in American Cement Air Permit Case

After a two year struggle with the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Division over an air quality permit granted for the expansion of a cement transfer station, our clients, with assistance of the NMELC, arrived at a settlement with American Cement obtaining major environmental protection in just two days.

Our clients from the Greater Gardner Neighborhood Association and the North Valley Coalition of Neighborhood Associations obtained a technologically superior air particulate monitoring system and the creation of a Community Advisory Panel that will work with American Cement Company to assure environmentally friendly practices and good community relations. This is a major achievement in air quality regulation in the Albuquerque-Bernalillo area and the settlement will also provide a model for the use of mediation and stakeholder processes in the future.

The settlement, filed today, will go before the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board on a motion for approval and dismissal of the appeal on March 10, 2010.

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Federal Nuclear Loan Guarantees to be Discussed on KUNM

Staff Attorney Eric Jantz, will be on KUNM tomorrow morning at 8 am talking to Arcie Chapa regarding government loan guarantees for nuclear power plants.

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Major Fallout Predicted Over Obama’s Nuclear Power Proposal

“The nuclear industry speaks very proudly about how green their reactors are, but it doesn’t factor in chemical emissions or the people at our end who are involved in mining and moving it, fabricating it, enriching it,” said staff attorney, Jonathan Block. “At every link, most people are being dosed.” TruthOut.org

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