New Mexico Could Be A Leader In Capping Carbon Emissions

‎” ‘I think it’s going great,’ [Bruce] Frederick told me during a break in testimony Monday. ‘We’re finally getting to the meat of our proposal. We’ve been through all the irrelevant parts. Mr. Michel can answer all those questions. He can handle that.’ Frederick said he welcomes the chance to debate the case on its merits and get all the information out there.” Clearly New Mexico

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Climate Change: The Faster We Get on it, The Better for Everyone

Public comments submitted by Mary-Charlotte Domandi,
Producer and Host, The Santa Fe Radio Cafe
KSFR 101.1 FM, Santa Fe Public Radio

I first became aware of how serious the climate change problem was about five years ago when I started spending time socially with a group of scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratories.  There’s a terrific program, not open to the public, where LANL brings in top scientists from all over the country, MIT, Rice, University of California, and so on, to give lectures to the scientists here.  And my friends were continually talking about the speakers who came in to talk about energy.

There was at that time, no discussion in those lectures about whether or not climate change was real and man-made—that was already established.  It was all about how we were going to get off of fossil fuels, and how many terrawatts of energy each non-carbon-emitting source could yield, and what research was most promising, and what was the time line.

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Greenhouse Gas Cap Proposal Aired at Santa Fe Hearings

“Since 2004, the nonprofit New Energy Economy has been working on projects related to climate change and clean energy job development in New Mexico. In December 2008, the organization, along with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, filed a petition asking that state’s Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) to set a cap on greenhouse gas emissions.” The New Mexico Independent

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NMELC Resumes Role Representing Communities Most Threatened by Climate Change

SANTA FE, N.M.— The New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC) has spent over 20 years assisting low-income communities and communities of color protect their environmental health, so when New Energy Economy approached the group with a proposal to cap greenhouse gas emissions in New Mexico, the NMELC jumped at the chance to address the growing threat that climate change and global warming has on many residents of the state. Today, the NMELC resumes its role presenting technical testimony in front of the Environmental Improvement Board during the week long hearing on the proposed emission cap.

“These communities we represent are likely to be disproportionately affected by climate change,” says Douglas Meiklejohn, NMELC Executive Director.  “They generally have fewer resources with which to address impacts of climate change such as water shortages, extreme weather events, and increased rates of disease.  In addition, residents of those communities generally are less able to adapt to climate change because of their limited resources and because in some instances (such as Native Americans) they are not able to avoid the effects of climate change by moving.”

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New Energy Economy GHG Regulation Summary

Here is a summary of, our client, New Energy Economy’s greenhouse gas emission cap regulatory proposal:

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Climate Change Experts Talk to KSFR’s Radio Café - Get the Podcasts, Get Informed!

The Santa Fe Radio Café on KSFR interviews climate change experts all this week. Miss the shows? Get the podcasts and get informed!

Learn more about the case and get filed documents and testimony.

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