Federal Appeals Court Gives Go Ahead to Uranium Mining in Churchrock

“The real problem is the possibility of contaminating clean groundwater, says Eric Jantz, an attorney with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, which has represented residents of the area in opposition to new mining. ‘In its natural undisturbed state, uranium ore doesn’t go anywhere. You can sink a well 50 feet away [from a ribbon of ore] and still have good drinking water,’ he said. ‘…Once those chemicals are injected and make contact, the chemical reaction allows the heavy metals to spread throughout a much larger portion of the aquifer.’ ” The New Mexico Independent

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Australia Nuclear Waste Dump Row

AlJazeera English does a story on Australia’s government’s plans for a nuclear waste dump in a remote part of the country’s Northern Territory. The proposed nuclear dump has divided local people while environmentalists warn it could one day be used to store waste from overseas.

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A Note on HRI’s Media Response to Jurisdiction Decision in 10th Circuit Court


In looking through all the media coverage of the HRI jurisdiction decision, I (and others) have noticed a distressing fact.  Papers and websites are reporting, without question, HRI’s assertion that it has all the permits it needs to begin mining and could start mining now if it wanted. 

This is NOT true.  HRI has a discharge permit from NMED (which is essentially a UIC permit, which HRI needs), but it is NOT valid - it needs to be renewed.  Additionally, HRI needs a temporary aquifer designation before it can begin mining.  So all the reports about HRI being able to start mining now are FALSE.  HRI needs to get those state permits - which could take years with public hearings and court appeals - before it can mine. 

I wanted to let you know, so that you can answer questions from community members or media outlets. 

Eric Jantz, Staff Attorney

Learn more about the Hydro Resources, Inc. uranium mines case.

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Court: Planned NM Uranium Mine Not on Navajo Land

“Eric Jantz, an attorney for the Santa Fe, N.M.-based [New Mexico] Environmental Law Center, which represents mining opponents, called the ruling tragic. ‘Frankly, I don’t think the state has much of a stake in this in terms of people with political power,’ he said. ‘Who is going to assure that this community’s water isn’t going to get polluted. The federal government, the EPA is going to be a much better guardian of that than the state.’ ” Associated Press

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10TH Circuit finds NM Uranium Parcel Not Under Federal Jurisdiction

“The New Mexico Environmental Law Center sued the NRC in 2007 to overturn the license. Attorneys for the Navajo claimed the NRC violated the Atomic Energy Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and its own regulations when it issued the license to Hydro Resources.” Mineweb.com

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Dark Water Trailer

This is a trailer for a documentary on the uranium industry’s “dirty little secret” that’s being put together by some folks who’ve been filming in South Dakota and Colorado.

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