Press Statement of Gila Resources Information Project re: Tyrone Settlement Agreement

December 23, 2010

The Gila Resources Information Project is disappointed by the Tyrone Settlement for a few reasons.

First, the Environment Department has now cut off a legal process that we believe would have strengthened groundwater protection throughout New Mexico.

Second, the settlement is unfair, since it binds the Environment Department to respect its terms, but allows Freeport to back out whenever any future decision isn’t consistent with the company’s expectations as defined in the settlement.

Finally, the settlement is too vague about too many important details. Those specifics, such as alternative abatement standards that must be met to protect groundwater quality at the mine site and the areas in and around the mine site that must be reclaimed, will be decided at future proceedings. In order to not compromise our watchdog role, GRIP did not sign on to the settlement. This preserves our right to fully participate in future proceedings in order to ensure that groundwater quality in Grant County is protected.

Allyson Siwik
Executive Director
Gila Resources Information Project


Learn more about the Grant County Tyrone mine closure plan case.

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Coalition Requests Meeting with Governor-Elect to Discuss Dairy Rules

December 17, 2010

Governor-Elect Susana Martinez
State Capitol
300 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87501

RE: Environmental Coalition request for meeting about Dairy Rules

Dear Governor-Elect Martinez:
The Citizens’ Coalition, composed of Caballo Concerned Citizens, Amigos Bravos, Rio Valle Concerned Citizens, Citizens for Dairy Reform, Rio Grand Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Food & Water Watch, requests a meeting with you and your staff to discuss the need for your support for the Dairy Rules, which were passed by the New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) on December 15, 2010.

Learn more about the New Mexico Dairy Discharge Regulations case.

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The New Mexico Environment Department and Freeport-McMoran Tyrone Inc. Settle

The New Mexico Environment Department announced yesterday that they and Freeport-McMoran Tyrone Inc. have settled a longstanding appeal associated with closure requirements for the Tyrone copper mine in Grant County, N.M. Get NMED press release.

Learn more about the Grant County Tyrone mine closure plan case.

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Fall 2010 Green Fire Report Newsletter Online

The GreenFire Report is now online. Get the whole newsletter in PDF format here. Sign up for our monthly ENews and stay updated on all our casework.

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Water Quality Commission Approves New Dairy Regulations

SANTA FE, N.M. – The Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) today passed New Mexico’s first industry-specific regulations for the dairy industry. The new regulations will govern dairy waste pollution in ground water. The decision marks the end of a two-year process begun by the dairy industry itself, which asked for industry-specific regulations during the 2009 New Mexico legislative session.

Get PDF of Press Release

Learn more about the New Mexico Dairy Discharge Regulations case.

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New Mexico Caps Again

“One of the major things that (Richardson) has done is to support the Secretary of the Environment, Ron Curry,” Doug Meiklejohn, executive director of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center told me recently. “(Curry) has been a real leader on environmental and environmental justice issues at the state level. He has really put New Mexico at the forefront of protecting the environment, particularly in communities of color and low-income communities.” HCN The GOAT Blog

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