Suit Filed to Stop Uranium Exploration at Pandora Mine in La Sal, Utah

Moab, Utah — Uranium Watch, Center for Water Advocacy, and Living Rivers, conservation groups located in Moab, Utah, yesterday filed suit in federal district court in Salt Lake City to halt uranium exploration and the construction of radon vent holes on U.S. Forest Service land in the Manti-La Sal National Forest in La Sal, Utah.

The complaint filed with the United States District Court for the District of Utah challenges a decision by the Moab/Monticello Ranger District to permit the drilling of 16 exploration drill holes and 2 radon vent holes as part of the expansion of the Pandora Uranium Mine. The Pandora Mine is owned by Denison Mines (USA) Corporation (Denison). Uranium ore from the mine is transported to Denison’s uranium mill on White Mesa, a few miles south of Blanding in San Juan County.

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Solar and Nuclear Costs - The Historic Crossover

Why solar power is now the better buy over new nuclear energy in North Carolina. 

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Learn About Groundwater

Not many people realize that 99 percent of the freshwater we use is groundwater. This video helps people worldwide to understand the importance of groundwater. An IGRAC initiative: http://www.igrac.nl

A good article from AlterNet.org: Everything You Need to Know About Groundwater.

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Environmental Law’s Greatest Tragedy

“I think the nation’s system of environmental laws and regulations, both at the state and federal level, is broken and its problems need to be addressed.”  HCN The Range  Eric Jantz, NMELC staff attorney, discusses the effectiveness of environmental administrative law today. 

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EPA 40 CFR Part 192 Uranium-Thorium Standards Discussion Forum

EPA is establishing this discussion forum to ensure an open and transparent process as we review 40 CFR Part 192, Uranium and Thorium Mill Tailings Standards to determine if revisions are needed.  They are looking for input and public response.  Visit the EPA discussion forum here.

Find out more about our uranium case work.

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We Met Our Match!

Thank you everyone for contributing. Your support is essential to the NMELC’s critical work!!

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