Law Center asks NM Supreme Court to Review Pit Rule

On March 24, the Law Center and its client, the Oil & Gas Accountability Project (OGAP), asked the state Supreme Court to review a recent state Court of Appeals decision upholding the Martinez administration’s amendments to the Pit Rule. The 2013 Amendments to the Pit Rule, as you may recall, allow the oil and gas industry to bury hazardous wastes onsite, allows them to site pits closer to streams and lakes, groundwater, homes, and schools, and allows companies to build multi-acre “frack lakes” to store waste from multiple wells. The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is a co-petitioner.

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10 Devastating Radiation Accidents They Never Tell You About

This article vividly illustrates what nuclear impacted communities have known for decades.

Humanity has been experimenting with nuclear power for decades, so it’s no surprise that a few accidents have occurred along the way. Actually, there’ve been more than a few… ListVerse.com

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NM Supreme Court Asked to Review Pit Rule

On March 24, we asked New Mexico’s highest court to review the state’s Pit Rule. (The Pit Rule governs the storage and disposal of onsite oil and gas drilling wastes.) Governor Martinez’s appointees to the NM Oil Conservation Commission gutted the Pit Rule’s protections in 2013. Read press release.

Thank you to our members for helping us keep up this important fight!

Our petition asks the Court to overturn the 2013 amendments, and restore the protective Pit Rule adopted in 2008. NMELC represents Earthworks’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project (OGAP) in this case, and was joined in the petition by the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.

Read the petition. Get our Pit Rule Fact Sheet.

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Navajo Diné Fight Uranium Resources Inc. Mining Permits In New Mexico

“The type of uranium mining (URI) is proposing would contaminate potable water with radiation and heavy metals, making it unfit for consumption forever,” says Eric Jantz, a lawyer with New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC) that helped ENDAUM fight the mine. Corp Watch

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Water Groups to NM Supreme Court: Invalidate Evisceration of Pit Rule

“...the Oil Conservation Commission forgot who they worked for. It isn’t the oil and gas industry.” Bruce Baizel, Executive Director, Earthworks’ OGAP

SANTA FE, NM — Yesterday, groups working to protect New Mexico’s water resources and wildlife asked the state Supreme Court to review the Martinez Administration’s “Pit Rule”. The Rule governs the storage and disposal of wastes at oil and gas drilling pits in New Mexico.

The petition for a writ of certiorari was filed by the New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC) on behalf of Earthworks’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project and the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. The public interest groups have been working on the issue since before the Pit Rule was first adopted in 2008, after a lengthy public process. The petition asks the state’s highest court to review a decision handed down by the state Court of Appeals in February upholding the amended Pit Rule. See Pit Rule Fact Sheet.

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Groups to EPA: Stop Letting Industry Dump Chemicals into Drinking Water Sources

Today, the NMELC and other groups petitioned the U.S. EPA to stop allowing industries to dump their hazardous waste in our country’s groundwater.

One reason why this petition is important to New Mexico:

NMELC’s client, the Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining (ENDAUM), has been fighting for years to get an aquifer exemption overturned. The EPA granted the exemption for uranium mining in an aquifer near Church Rock shortly before the aquifer was deemed by the Navajo Nation as “a promising source of drinking water in the future due to its high quality”. See NRDC press release.

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