Feds Worry Power Giant Will Ditch Mine Cleanup

The back and forth in bankruptcy court highlights the difficulties of holding shape-shifting companies responsible for pollution that often stays put…So much uranium waste still litters the region, Jantz said, because mining companies so often changed hands — or simply went under — after unearthing tons of the silvery-white metal, requiring intense corporate forensic work to hold anyone accountable.

“That’s sort of the SOP — the standard operating procedures — for a lot of the uranium miners in this industry,” he said. “This confusion is often by design in order to avoid liability.” Texas Tribune

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Mining Rule May Harm Groundwater

Since the rule went into effect over two years ago, opponents say the measure has allowed mine owners Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold to pollute areas surrounding their mines with impunity, violating New Mexico’s Water Quality Act. Weekly Alibi

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Santa Fe’s own Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen Supports the NMELC!

Join us at Santa Fe’s own Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen this November! 2% of each cash purchase will be donated to the Law Center!

It’s a delicious way to support environmental protection in New Mexico. See you there!

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen
1512 Pacheco Street (map)
Building B
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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Infrastructure upgrades anticipate industry rebound

“The new state energy plan is really a pretty regressive policy that relies heavily on fossil fuels,” said Eric Jantz, staff attorney with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center in Santa Fe. “With new infrastructure like pipelines, there’s always a near guarantee of leaks, spills and possible explosions throughout the length of the lines. These are dangerous undertakings.” Albuquerque Journal

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Human Rights Commission Focuses On Access To Clean Water

Edith Hood, a village leader, will testify before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to say residents are unhappy with the federal government’s cleanup plan. The commission is charged with enforcing an international treaty ratified by the U.S. that protects basic human rights. This is the commission’s first hearing focused on access to clean drinking water, according to Eric Jantz with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center. Fronteras

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Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Hear Right to Water Testimony

“We have waited far longer than other communities in the U.S. for this poison to be cleaned up. When is it our turn to feel safe? How many more generations have to wait?”
Edith Hood of the Red Water Pond Road Community

WASHINGTON, D.C.— On Friday, October 23rd the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will hold the Right to Water U.S. Hearing in Washington DC. At the invitation of the Commission, members of the Red Water Pond Road Community Association (RWP) will attend. RWP Community member, Edith Hood, will testify before Commission on how her community has been denied equal access to quality drinking water for decades. Read Commission questionnaire.

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