Green Fire Report: Winter/Spring 2009 Edition Now Available

The online version of the Green Fire Report is now available here. You can also download a PDF version.

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New Report Analyzes Oil and Gas Impacts on New Mexico

A new report analyzes the economic and fiscal contribution of the oil and natural gas industries in New Mexico along with a case study of proposed energy development on Otero Mesa in Otero County that asks whether potential drilling there would create more benefits than it would foreclose.  The study then concludes with five public policy options.

Ben Alexander, the report’s lead author and Associate Director of Headwaters Economics, asserts that jobs and personal income from industries associated with the extraction of fossil fuels are a small part of New Mexico’s economy. And that even at the height of the recent energy surge, these industries accounted for two percent of all employment and three percent of total personal income in the state.

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Help Stop Pro-Nuke Budget Amendments Now!

They’re at it again! And we have to act again—now!

The U.S. Senate is currently debating President Obama’s FY 2010 budget on the Senate floor. One amendment we’ve seen would allow money to be shifted around in the budget if the nuclear industry can get $50 billion in new loan guarantees later. Another would allow money to be shifted around if pro-nuclear boosters are successful in getting more R&D money for Generation IV reactors. NukeFree.org

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New Mexico’s Land and Water Face Challenge from the Oil and Gas Industry

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - Three organizations announced today their opposition to a state plan to weaken a hard-fought water and land protection rule. On February 18, Governor Richardson announced he was directing the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department to work with industry to develop amendments that would save them the cost of compliance to the recently amended Pit Rule.

A Joint Release from New Mexico Citizens for Clean Air and Water, New Mexico Environmental Law Center and EARTHWORKS’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project

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HRI’s Churchrock Uranium Project Put on Hold

As reported in the Gallup Independent today, the proposed in-situ leach uranium mining project near Churchrock is on hold. (Learn more about the Law Center’s representation of Churchrock and Crown Point communities)

According to Rick Van Horn, chief operating officer of Uranium Resources Inc. (URI), parent company of Hydro Resources Inc. (HRI), received notification earlier this month that Itochu, partner in the Churchrock project, has pulled out of the joint venture.

“Uranium prices are depressed, we’re still awaiting the court decision, and right now the project is on hold until we get that decision,” says Van Horn. Read Full Article

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Groups Push Today in SF for Tighter Mining Regs to Protect NM Water

Public News Service speaks to Law Center’s Eric Jantz about today’s hearing in Santa Fe.

“Making sure that sour economic times now and in the future don’t leave a bad taste in New Mexico’s water. That’s what local environmental groups are doing as they review and comment on proposed new regulations for mining exploration in the state. The state Mining Commission holds a public hearing today on proposed changes intended to strengthen rules to protect groundwater from mining contamination.” Read Full Article

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